Hearing & Speech Center

The center has very qualified and professional clinicians licensed by the ministry of health and international associations. It has a paper archival system that contains the files of cases, the results of their diagnosis for each case; that may be needed by the clients or for the purposes of studies and scientific research, while maintaining information confidentiality. The center relies on the latest research and studies, constantly updating diagnosis and treatment methods and keeping pace with the development in the career. The center is easily accessible to people, especially people with special needs.

Services provided in the Audiology & Balance Department:

Services provided in  the Speech & Language Therapy Department:

Comprehensive evaluation and rehabilitation of the following disorders for children and adults:

Speech and language screening programs for students in schools and charities.

Awareness programs for parents and educators about early detection and management of communication disorders so that mothers and teachers know the symptoms of delayed/disordered speech and language, in order to identify the need for referral to the specialists.

Working within a multidisciplinary team to execute comprehensive rehabilitation plans 
Providing online diagnosis and treatment services, especially during the pandemic period, which allowed the provision of services remotely in Jordan and in other countries.