Hearing & Speech Center

- Speech therapy clinics were established and licensed by the Ministry of Health to serve the local community. The clinics are fully equipped with the latest equipment and tools necessary to evaluate and treat the persons concerned; designed with the highest levels of comfort, privacy and safety.  

-Clinics contain listening devices for training purposes and to enable parents to observe their children in the sessions. Soundproof rooms are available as well to be used for children with hearing challenges. 

Results of assessments and diagnosis are discussed with the parents confidentially in the counselling rooms with the presence of students to improve educational competency and provide them with variable cases for various experiences. Then the team discusses treatment progress with parents and/or case confidentially.

-The department has a number of standardized educational tools, and devices that help in the speech and language diagnosis and rehabilitation of children and adults, in addition to research purposes: 

  1. Laryngeal Video Stroboscope: Laryngoscopy device, which enables the examiner to see the vocal cords during the production of different sounds, and to diagnose voice disorders resulting from organic diseases such as bleeding and the presence of granules on the vocal cords and vocal cord paralysis.
  2. Nasometer: Which measures the "nasality" of the voice so that it measures the resonance of nasal and oral sounds.
  3. Visipitch: A device for measuring voice parameters as the pitch and loudness of sound.
  4. Electrolarynx:  They are portable devices that assist in voice production. It is used by patients who have had their larynx removed (laryngectomy) for various reasons.
  5. Spirometer:  It is used to measure the capacity of the lungs, which enables the examiner to measure the ability of the respiratory system to support the production of sounds in humans
  6. Computerized Speech Lab (CSL):  It enables the examiner to measure voice parameters (frequency and intensity), to diagnose any abnormality. 
  7. Aerophone: Measurement of air pressure, which enables the examiner to measure the ability of the respiratory system to support the production of speech sounds.

The center contains a set of recreational games for children in the outer courtyard of the center.